The Artemis Study Hall Tracking System offers a wide range of tools at an affordable price. The cost of the system is well worth it when you look at what the tools do and how much time can be saved, especially if you'd plan on using the system for 2-3 years or longer. Also, all newly developed tools for the system will be included at no extra charge once they are complete. To read more about the different tools, please click here.

This fee covers the software and programming costs associated with the tracker. This is billed after the trial and when the school agrees to purchase the system.

This yearly fee covers the recurring hosting and development fees, which include all support requests and new tools that are added to the system. This is normally billed at the start of each school year.

As new tools are developed and existing tools are improved, current customers will receive the upgrades at automatically. The total cost to new customers may increase in the future due to the availability of more tools but once you pay for the system, the only thing you have to worry about is the yearly hosting & maintenance fees. Yearly fees may increase as time goes on, but we are committed to providing a solid piece of software at an affordable price so changes will be minimal. Since 2003, the yearly fee has increased exactly one time.

So for just $1,750.00 to start, your entire athletic department can start using the Artemis Study Hall Tracking System and benefit from the functionality and ease-of-use it offers. Please click here to request a free trial to see if this is the right system for you.

The Artemis system comes with a number of well-rounded tools. These tools are what you need to keep track of your student's study hall attendance, and also builds reports to keep coaches informed on the progress of their athletes. To read more about what you get for your money, please check out the tools page.

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