The Artemis Study Hall Tracker comes with the following well-rounded tools. These tools are what you need to keep track of your student's study hall attendance, and also build reports to keep coaches informed on the progress of their athletes.

We are constantly working on improving the tracker, which includes adding new tools. We encourage the schools we work with to share their ideas with us so we can evaluate the feasibility of including it in the system. If we feel your idea would be a good fit, we'll work on adding it to the tracker.

System Admin

User Manager

The User Manager allows admin users to create & edit all user accounts for your system. There are no user limits (some companies charge by each individual user), so you can create accounts for all of your advisors, coaches, monitors and tutors without having to worry about it costing more. You can also assign each user access to different tools based on their role in your department.

Location Manager

If your department is spread out over multiple buildings (arena, practice facility, academic center) or even if you just have one building with different sections (quiet study, computer lab), you can track where students sign in and spend their time. This information is then displayed on their reports along with what times they checked in & out and how long they spent there. This tool also integrates with card readers so students can sign/swipe themselves in and out of study hall at approved locations.

Resource Manager

Do you have a clip board or spreadsheet where you keep track of your departments laptops, books, and other items students can check out? With the Resource Manager, you can get rid of the old fashioned way of tracking who has what. This tool allows you to create resources in the system and sign them out to students, along with keeping a history of what each resource has been through over its lifetime.

Semester Manager

The Semester Manager allows you to create semesters or quarters for each school year so you can differentiate from one year to another. You can enter the start & end date of the semester, along with the start & end date of when you want to track student's activity.

Study Table

Student Admin

The Student Admin tool allows you to create, edit & delete students as needed. You can enter basic contact information such as a student's email address & phone number, along with how many hours this student is required to attend study hall each week. You can even upload a photo of each student that will be displayed on reports and when he/she signs in to study hall. Also to make creating new students easier, you can import a list of students from a CSV file; so instead of entering students one-by-one, you can now upload a single file and import hundreds of students in just a few minutes!

Student Login

This is the heart & soul of the study hall tracker. This is where students are signed in to and out of study hall. Once a student signs out of study hall, that session is added to their report so the information is updated every time the student finishes a study hall session. We also offer a card swipe login that will allow students to swipe their card in a scanner to sign themselves in & out of study hall! The card swipe system has limited availability and restrictions, so if you're interested please let us know!

Edit Student Hours

If you need to create study hall sessions for students without having them sign into the system, this is the tool for you. Sometimes there are study halls on road trips or extra study sessions that take place outside of study hall. These sessions can be added by admin users to make sure the students get credit for their work.

Send Weekly Email

At the end of each week, advisors can send a personalized email out to coaches & other staff members reminding them that the reports for the students on their teams are available in full for that week. It not only includes a custom message that you are able to edit and their login information, but you can send the email to some/all of your users at the same time.

Student Portal

Students are able to check their weekly amounts from their own devices to see if they have put in their required hours for the week. This view is entirely separate from where the coaches and advisors sign in, and is mobile friendly so they can check it from their phone or tablet.

Student Reports

Daily Student Report

The Daily Student Report option allows you to select either a single student or an entire team, plug in a date and you will see every session created for that date, along with all of the information added by the monitor.

Weekly Student Report

You can view the reports by semester/quarter week by using the Weekly Student Report tool. Just like other reports, you can view either single students for full sports and see how your kids did during any given week. This tool even allows you to see whether or not each student attended enough hours to make their quota for the week.

Report Archives

To separate reports, only the current semester/quarter is available in the report tools. To view reports from the past, you can simply go to the Report Archives, select the time period you're looking for and see all of the report information available, either by student or team.

Facility Report

The Facility Report allows users to take a peak into study hall and see who is there at that moment. Want to see if one of your kids is studying and where they're at? Just take a look inside 'The Window' and you can see exactly where they're studying!

Usage Report

If you have many Locations & Environments, you can see graphs of how the usage levels break down based on time period. This report allows you to view activity (# of students signing in) per hour or day, depending on how you break down your report. This is useful so you can plan ahead and schedule more monitors or even tutors & mentors to help out when the volume of students is high.

Tutoring Tools

Profile Manager

Admin users can create tutor profiles for users that allow them to edit the subjects they are able to teach, as well as their contact information. Advisors can then search for tutors based on these subjects to easily find the right tutor for the student.

Tutoring Reports

Advisors and coaches can view the reports for their students separately from the regular study hall reports. These reports include notes from the tutor on their timeliness, what they covered and how the student behaved during their session.

Tutor Search

Advisors can use this tool to find a tutor for their students. They just have to type in the subject the student needs help with and it returns a list of potential tutors, along with their contact information.

Session Manager

Tutors use this tool to enter their sessions with students. If they have a group session, they can create one new session and add all of the students so they save time while entering their times. These sessions can be included in the student's weekly reports as well.

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