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The Artemis Study Hall Tracking System was built specifically for tracking and recording the time students spend in study hall. It eliminates the need for tracking times and names on pieces of paper or unorganized documents. The system also generates up-to-the-minute reports on individual students or entire sports for both coaches and advisors. For more information on the tools available, please click here to read about the Tools.

Developed by a former student athlete and academic intern, Artemis is maintained by an Application Service Provider (ASP) and requires no in-house programming knowledge to install or update. What this means to academic advisors is that there is no software to install, no individual licenses to purchase for multiple computers or users and no need to hire a staff to keep the program updated. The tracking system is maintained entirely online, so any computer that has internet access can use the system through a web browser. Each academic center can have unlimited user accounts, so everyone (advisors, interns, coaches, etc) is able to have their own user account, and each individual user can be assigned access only to the tools and sports they are supposed to see. This keeps the privacy between each sport, but allows each user to use the same system which makes training and trouble-shooting easier. In the end, one advisor or intern can manage the entire study hall tracking system. He or she can:

  • Create/manage students to be tracked in the system
  • Create/manage user accounts for advisors, coaches, etc.
  • Set up semesters as needed
  • Generate reports as soon as the student signs out from study hall
  • Send out emails as needed to notify the staff the reports are ready
  • And much, much more

Since the software is updated online, there is no need for time-consuming installations on every computer in the department. All an advisor or intern has to do is create a new account for a coach, assign them the tools and sport(s) they are allowed to access, and send them their login information. Rather than spending hours or even days installing software on individual computers, advisors can create accounts and distribute login information to new users in minutes. If you'd like to request a free trial of the tracking system, please click here and fill in your contact information.

All through the site, the term 'we' is used when talking about the people that bring you the study hall tracker. We use that term loosely, as there is actually just one person behind the wheel when it comes to sales, development, marketing and every other aspect of the tracker.

Nate Althoff, a former student athlete and academic intern at the University of Utah, developed the first version of the tracker in 2002 while working as an intern in the athletic academic department at the University of Utah and has been consistently adding to and improving the system since. It has seen many updates and additions since those early days, and continues to evolve into a powerful application that allows academic advisors to better utilize their resources.

Althoff spent his final year in college as an academic intern, after playing basketball for 5 years. His duties included managing the tutors & mentors, working with the athletes as needed and making sure the study hall program was kept in order. Before he took the intern position, the department kept track of the time students spent in study hall on paper, totaling the times by hand and delivering paper copies of weekly reports to coaches as needed. At the time, he was just beginning to learn how to build dynamic websites and software applications, and was given the task of developing a way to keep track of how much time students were spending in study hall and distribute the reports to coaching staff and advisors. In other words, find a way to replace the current 'pen & paper' method with something that would take less time to manage and give the coaches more access to the information collected.

That first version of the study hall tracker was very rough. It had many errors and quirks, but it worked well for 2 full years, with the advisors and coaches being very happy with the system. In the summer of 2004, the system was re-written entirely and Althoff was able to apply new methods of programming and planning to the original concept. This made huge improvements in the stability, accuracy and overall use of the system.

The system received another make-over in the summer of 2005. Updates to each tool to improve to the continuity of the system were made, along with many improvements to different parts of individual tools. These changes increased the ease of use for all users, and added even more functionality to the system as a whole with new tools and reports.

Althoff is currently working on yet another version of the tracker. This time around, the main focus is on improving the user interface of the system. There are also a few new reports being added, along with new options for maintaining the list of athletes in the system. The expected release date of 'Version 4' is the fall of 2011.

The Artemis Study Hall Tracking System is an evolving piece of software that continues to grow and expand as time goes on. Based on both experiences as a student athlete and ideas from current academic advisors, the study hall tracker is an extremely useful addition to all parts of the athletic department.

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